Only Friends (2023)

Only Friends DramaCool
  • Country: Thailand
  • First Aired: Aug 12, 2023
  • Native Title: เพื่อนต้องห้าม
  • AKA: Forbidden Friends , Phuean Tong Ham
  • Genres: LGBT, Youth, Drama, Romance
  • Director: Ninew Pinya Chookamsri

Synopsis: Only Friends (2023)

Mew, Ray, Boston, and Namchueam, a group of business students who jointly manage a hostel, navigate the delicate balance between friendship and romantic entanglements.

Mew has been channeling all his energy into academics, leaving no room for romantic involvements. For the purpose of enhancing their business’s design, Boston introduces Top to the group. However, Boston didn’t foresee Top’s attraction to Mew, which leads to an unexpected twist that Boston isn’t pleased about. Economics student Sand desires an exclusive relationship with Ray, but Ray’s affections are directed toward Mew, leaving him uninterested in settling down. Amidst all this, IT specialist Nick comes across a compromising video on Boston’s phone, sparking a friends-with-benefits dynamic between them. However, Nick’s aspirations lean toward something deeper than mere casual involvement.

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