My Lovely Boxer (2023)

My Lovely Boxer on DramaCool with Eng Subtitles
  • Country: South Korea
  • First Aired: Aug 21, 2023
  • Native Title: 순정복서
  • AKA: My Lovely Boxer, Kwonsook , Pure Boxer Lee Kwon Suk , Sunjeongbokseo , Sunjeongbokseo Ikwonsuk , 순정복서 이권숙
  • Genres: Youth, Drama, Sports
  • Director: Hong Eun Mi, Choi Sang Yeol

Synopsis: My Lovely Boxer (2023)

Kim Tae Young, a ruthless sports agent, operates in a calculating manner. His approach involves luring gifted athletes into the sports world, capitalizing on their potential to yield rapid profits before their stamina wanes. Amid his clientele is Kim Hee Won, a standout baseball pitcher who holds a unique significance in Kim Tae Young’s repertoire. Unlike the others, Kim Hee Won’s connection runs deeper.

In a challenging situation, Kim Tae Young takes on a new task—to bring back the female boxer Lee Kwon Sook to the boxing arena. Lee Kwon Sook, who had emerged as an exceptional pugilist at the age of 17, marked an undefeated streak in all her matches and added allure to the sport. Yet, she vanished suddenly, leaving a void. With Kim Hee Won’s circumstances in mind, Kim Tae Young approaches Lee Kwon Sook, now leading a new life outside the world of boxing.

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