Meant to Be (2023)

Meant to Be DramaCool
  • Country: South Korea
  • First Aired: Apr 17, 2023
  • Native Title: 하늘의 인연
  • AKA: Haneului Inyeon , The Fate of Heaven
  • Genres: Romance, Family, Melodrama
  • Screenwriter: Yeo Jeong Mi

Synopsis: Meant to Be (2023)

Chi Hwan places more trust in money and authority than he does in the law, and he’s determined to secure a place at the highest rungs of society. His mother tragically died due to injustice when he was young, leaving him to face poverty and the ravages of war on his own. In order to escape this hardship, he pulled himself out of poverty, eventually amassing significant wealth, and ultimately becoming a successful chairman at Shine Cosmetics.

Se Na, who is actually Yi Chang’s biological daughter, grows up under the care of Chi Hwan and aspires to become his sole heir. She holds affection for Jin Woo, but her hopes are dashed when she realizes that he’s in love with Hae In, Chi Hwan’s biological daughter. In a twist of fate that seems almost ironic, Hae In lost her own mother in childhood and was subsequently adopted by Yi Chang. How will the destinies of these fathers and daughters unfold?

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