Longing for You (2023)

Longing for You DramaCool
  • Country: South Korea
  • First Aired: Jul 26, 2023
  • Native Title: 오랫동안 당신을 기다렸습니다
  • AKA: I’ve Been Waiting for You for a Long Time , I Have Waited a Long Time for You , Oraesdongan Dangsineul Kidaryeossseubnida
  • Genres: Drama, Action, Myster, Thriller
  • Director: Han Cheol Soo, Kim Yong Min

Synopsis: Longing for You (2023)

While on the trail of the true perpetrator in a series of serial murders, a detective finds himself confronted with a hidden family secret. Jin Sung, an affable yet occasionally quick-tempered detective at Woojin Police Station, is wholeheartedly dedicated to the cause of justice. On the other hand, Young Ju, a skilled prosecutor with a remarkable track record of wins, holds the belief that injustice should be rectified through a measure of injustice. She also shares history with both Jin Sung and Jin Woo. When Jin Sung is transferred to a specialized investigative unit in Seoul that handles serial murder cases, he teams up with Young Ju to carry out the inquiry. However, an unexpected turn of events occurs as Jin Woo, Jin Sung’s own brother, is apprehended as a suspect in these very serial murders.

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