Forever Love (2023)

Forever Love on DramaCool with Eng Subtitles
  • Country: China
  • First Aired: Aug 31, 2023
  • Native Title: 盲心千金
  • AKA: Mang Xin Qian Jin , Blind Daughter
  • Genres: Romance, Drama

Synopsis: Forever Love (2023)

Lin Xin Tong, the heiress to the affluent Li Group, seems to have it all – beauty, intelligence, and a devoted boyfriend, Chi Shan. Her life is a picture of prosperity and happiness until a series of family upheavals forces her to embrace inner strength. Amidst these challenges, she discovers the disheartening truth about Chi Shan’s betrayal and her supposed best friend, Xia Yu Wei, whose facade of sisterhood conceals jealousy and avarice.

Enter Sheng Mo Yao, an exceptional medical student known for his unwavering success. With his striking looks and enigmatic demeanor, he exudes an aura of cold mystery. Hidden in the shadows, he’s determined to shield Lin Xin Tong from harm and lend a helping hand during her trials.

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