Elegant Empire (2023)

Elegant Empire DramaCool
  • Country: South Korea
  • First Aired: Aug 7, 2023
  • Native Title: 우아한 제국
  • AKA: Uahan Jeguk
  • Genres: Drama
  • Director: Park Gi Ho

Synopsis: Elegant Empire (2023)

Gi Yun, the astute and handsome chairman of WJ Entertainment, presents himself as a 21st-century embodiment of wealth and romance. While his outward appearance is flawless, he’s also driven by ambition and harbors a concealed dark secret. His spouse, Shin Ju Kyung, experienced a Cinderella-like transformation, escaping poverty through marriage to Gi Yun. Ju Kyung adeptly balances her roles as a dedicated mother, a cherished wife, and a successful professional, until an unforeseen event snatches it all away from her.

Jung Woo Hyuk, a fledgling actor at NA Entertainment, persists in his acting journey despite the hardships tied to his lackluster agency. He deeply misses his mentor, Ju Kyung, who vanished suddenly. Into this scenario enters Seo Hee Jae, bearing a striking resemblance to Ju Kyung. Woo Hyuk finds himself bewildered by Hee Jae’s presence, especially when she deliberately approaches Gi Yun.

In the midst of this, questions arise: Who was the architect of Ju Kyung’s downfall, and how will she navigate the path back to the ideal life that was taken from her?

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