Destined With You (2023)

Destined With You on DramaCool with Eng Subtitles
  • Country: South Korea
  • First Aired: Aug 23, 2023
  • Native Title: 이 연애는 불가항력
  • AKA: Irresistible Love , This Relationship Is Force Majeure , I Yeonaeneun Bulgahangryeok
  • Genres: Law, Romance, Fantasy
  • Director: Nam Ki Hoon

Synopsis: Destined With You (2023)

Lee Hong Jo occupies the lowest rank among civil servants. Despite being bombarded with numerous civil complaints, she consistently puts her best foot forward at work. In her personal life, solitude has become her norm. However, fate takes a turn when she unexpectedly becomes the possessor of an ancient wooden chest and the key to breaking a curse that has plagued Jang Shin Yu.

Jang Shin Yu stands as a capable lawyer, combining intelligence with good looks. He’s frequently in the limelight, but his life is shadowed by a mysterious ailment that grows increasingly severe. Determined to rid his family of a generational curse, he seeks to break free from its clutches.

The story unfolds as a lawyer ensnared by an age-old curse crosses paths with a civil servant who holds the means to liberate him, sparking an unforeseen romance.

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