Apple of My Eye (2023)

Apple of My Eye DramaCool
  • Country: South Korea
  • First Aired: Mar 27, 2023
  • Native Title: 금이야, 옥이야
  • AKA: Geumiya, Okiya ; My Gold, My Jade
  • Genres: Romance, Family, Melodrama
  • Director: Choi Ji Yeong

Synopsis: Apple of My Eye (2023)

Being a single father, Kang San puts in more effort than anyone else to raise his daughter. He manages a side dish store and also works in nursing care to make sure they have enough. His daughter, Jan Di, is entering her teenage years and dreams of becoming a K-pop idol. Despite Kang San’s dedicated efforts for his daughter, clashes between them during her adolescence are bound to occur. Like an eventuality waiting to unfold, Mi Rae, the adopted daughter of the Hwang Dong Food Group, enters his life unexpectedly. Despite her adopted status, Mi Rae works as an art instructor with a direct and perceptive personality. What kind of love story will develop when Mi Rae’s first love, Ju Hyuk, suddenly reappears in their lives?

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